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Haven't got the time to pick up your balloons? No space to carry them back? Or just in need of a helping hand? Don't panic - Partylol do deliveries!
Whether you're round the corner, or a short drive away, our trusted delivery team can deliver and set-up your venue any time, anywhere, any day of the week. Set-up is all included in the cost, so there are no additional extras, or hidden costs.
Prices vary depending on the distance from our shop. Pop in and have a chat with our friendly staff today, and we'll be able to give you an exact price then and there!

Pre-orders & reservations

If you're the organised sort who likes having all their plans in place, then pre-ordering balloons is just what you need! Pre-ordering means;
  • No missing out on items that might be sold out
  • We prepare all pre-orders in advance of your arrival, so if there's any problems, we can replace your balloons, meaning no tears over deflations!
  • No waiting around - simply turn up, show proof of purchase and be on your way!
Whether your event is the next day, the next week, or even several months away, pre-ordering balloons is the perfect solution to ticking one more thing off that to-do list.
Pick out what you want, let us know when you need it, and we'll grab your details for the order book! Order today!


Personalising your balloons is a great way to make your designs unique, and pass along a message to that special someone.
Personalisation can be done with printed vinyl, or handwritten glitter - and it's all done here in the shop! Let us know just what you want to say, and we can get to work adding that perfect message onto your balloon design. And at just £3.50 extra, it's great value for money.
We can add names, dates and logos to any balloon - and they're perfect to convey your message at all occasions; birthdays, weddings, parties, corporate events, promotions, baby showers, charities, anniversaries, and more!
Order your balloons today! Give us a call on  020 8390 0849
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